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disordered chaos

my mind is unreadable

I'm Kelly , i think our world is narcissistic and corrupt but i love it. I'm not a barbie , although i share a name with one . I say ignorance is a virtue, although acceptance is life. I don't know you, you don't know me , but I know you'll be quick to judge, as will I . I hate it when your fake, I hate it when you lie to me . If you have a problem with what i say or what i do , well sunshine i really don't fucking care . Abusers are what i kill, users are who i love . I live for my addictions, but none of which you need to know. I don't eat things with faces, and I don't believe in the afterlife. Religon is lies , I love santa more. I crave feeling but i breathe music. Audio is my blood, my soul. Me and the green are close because he keeps me happy, and face it, the world would be much better if you rolled a joint. I try to be good, sometimes i fuck it up and I'm sorry. I'm loud, I'm obnoxious, but at least I'm me. My friends are the only ones who get to judge, they are the family i wasn't given . I'm different, but I'm kind. I'll try not to dwell on my past , because there are too many things i regret.