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May 2010

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fast[ 2 ] day [ 1 ] not hungry?

this is rather odd
I'm not hungry at all ...
like it's day one and I'm not even hungry
although I'm definately feeling the fat today

Made an announcement
to my group of amigos
my food is not there busniess
the food pushers will be no more
for ana jokes are getting old
and so are my excuses for not eating
I'm obviously avoiding all food
get over it ,
my body .. my rules ?

I will not conform to what you say is normal
Maybe I don't want to be normal
I want excellence, to be extrordinary
nobody got far being just average
the average woman weigh's 138
I weigh 127 ,
good start :)

fasting buddies are gods gift to ana's everywhere
Its actually more helpful then you think
when your tempted to give in
to a medium sized cheesey melty goodness
in your overly excited boyfriend's lap
then you remember the poor soul
refusing to let any calorie touch her thin lips
and she's doing it
so can you ,
and by you ,
i mean me .

Tomorrow will hold more hunger but I'm going to do it
I will not be a size five forever
and eventually i will shrink
because the fat kid isn't my style.

i want pefection
i will achieve pefection
and i will laugh as my perfection
is shoved down your throte

L's after school
mall shopping
extreme urge to purge in mall mirrors
i think there designed to make me hate myself more ?
ps my boyfriend is my life ♥
although he told me if i dont eat I'll turn to bones
is it bad this turns me on ?